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Ultimate Solutions Company

An organsization specializing in the production, development and marketing of Enterprise resource planning and management solutions for the global market.

Signing a contract with the Industrial Development Company on a program onyx ix

Why Ultimate Solutions?

  • Whatever your work field, the size of your company, or your need in the labor market, we can offer the right solution for you.

  • Our systems will manage your business from A to Z and you will get comprehensive control, real-time and accurate data through easy-to-use systems.

  • You can monitor your work anytime and anywhere within a few seconds by using mobile applications.

  • We have more than 30,000 clients around the world, with our offices in many countries globally.

  • Integrated protection and continuous technical support with continuous updates.

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Our solutions

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أونكس  ERP

مجموعة حلول إدارة وتخطيط الموارد ONYX ERP Solutions
يحتوي على أنظمة برمجية متنوعة للمعالجة الآلية المتكاملة لكافة وظائف البناء المؤسسي المالية والإدارية و المتخصصة في مختلف الأنشطة التجارية والصناعية والخدمية.


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Accounting and management solutions, developed on MS SQL Server databases to address the accounting management tasks in facilities with limited activity.


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Integrated accounting and administrative solutions developed on MS SQL Server databases meeting all changes in all different businesses sectors and activities in the financial and human resources management.

Specialized Programs

نظام ادارة المستشفيات المتكامل بلاس

The hospital system is a complete system that organizes administrative, financial, medical and auxiliary services in hospitals and health care institutions and aims to enable the hospital and its employees to organize medical work and archive the patient’s file in a proper manner and quickly access the medical file at any time and from anywhere.

نظام ادارة الفنادق اوتيل بريميو

To Manage, process and control hotel booking and reception, internal supervision and guest services, document housing data, manage business quality and delivery, and migrate the financial operations of the accounting program.

نظام ادارة الاندية والمتنزهات

The Clubs and Parks Management System is a complete system for managing the operations of the activities of youth and social facilities, recreational parks and fitness clubs in administrative, technical and financial organization in order to achieve the benefit of members and the public of the facility from its services.

ferp - logo-website.png

An advanced system for managing accounting and administrative restaurants' business and cafés of all kinds and various ways of providing food, dine in, takeaway or delivery, supported by a special application for delivery, to facilitate ordering.

نظام ادارة عمليات الذهب

Gold Core ERP is specialized end-to-end solutions to ‎manage gold enterprises transactions including cash, contents, weights, sales and purchases.  

التمت سكوول

It is an advanced academic system for managing modern schools with web technology to make the school, parents, teachers and students an integrated link that elevates the educational process to high scientific levels.

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Mobile Applications

Ultimate Solutions provides Mobile Applications for handling quick tasks from anywhere. Mobile Applications are fully integrated with Ultimate Solutions Software to facilitate the client tasks flexibly.

Some of our most popular applications

تطبيق تتبع مندوبى مندوبى التوزيع
تطبيق الخدمة الذاتية للموظفين
 تطبيق اونكس موبايل
تطبيق طلبات العملاء
تطبيقات الحلول النهائية
تطبيق جرد الأصول
تطبيق الجرد المخزنى

Our success partners

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