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  • ONYX ERP Solution Group has many components in various fields and specializations of professional business, and these components are activated according to the needs of business institutions.

  • It accommodates the multiplicity of facilities, branches, activities and projects in the unified business administration, deals with technical options to link the center with branches, and keeps pace with the needs of the business market.

  • It was developed with an Oracle database and is multilingual as desired by the user (English, Arabic, French, Turkish, ..) and performs mobile tasks such as management review of its reports using mobile applications and protected communication methods.

  • Adjust the settings and configuration of ONYX ERP with basic customer data and variables commensurate with the nature of its work, manage the details of its operation and control its operations and users, and it has auxiliary tools that facilitate the completion of the tasks of its users.

  • It contains a variety of integrated automated processing systems for all financial, administrative and specialized institutional building functions in various commercial, industrial and service activities.

  • The most important components of ONYX  ERP systems, accounts with their details, stores, suppliers, purchases, sales, customers, budgets, plans, abstracts, assets, a number of human capital management systems, production and costs, retail systems, information reports, business intelligence, and systems Others specialized such as (real estate, money exchange, hospitals, restaurants...).

  • ONYX  ERP customers obtain activation and integrated implementation licenses to operate its components, train its users, and receive its continuous improvements.

  • With the power of trust, businessmen and companies found solutions to their administrative problems, and established success stories with ONYX  ERP in a number of countries with its complete components or limited components.

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The identity of ONYX  ERP systems accommodates all the needs necessary for the accounting process, administrative procedure or professional privacy, and that is what is needed by activity processes processors and access to business results in any facility.

Therefore.. ONYX ERP has become the identity of success for its clients in a number of countries of the world and has become the demand of business owners in various commercial, industrial and service activities, as it achieves accurate results for financial and administrative operations in any facility and in the most important international languages.


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  1. To achieve overall business management results, consolidated strategic information, financial percentages, and statistics on the level of multiple companies and their branches.

  2. To enhance organizational work and managerial regulation's accuracy via granting privileges to ONYX  users according to their tasks in the organization chart.

  3. To control internal transactions and users, audit documents, procedures and report, and integrate performance between staff through quick internal communication messages.

  4. To suit the growth and adversity of activities and projects and meet any privacies in the transactions of purchases, sales,  or managerial regulation  according to local and international standards.

  5. To build-up absolute confidence with customers via accurate reports  about their transactions and facilitating the process of  meeting their orders by strength

ONYX  ERP Systems

The most prominent applications of ONYX

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ONYX mobile application

Your company is in your hands. Follow all your business from anywhere and at any time

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