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Onyx pro ERP

When your business develops, we develop with you through our software solutions represented in Onyx Pro ERP System



Integrated solutions for managing and planning resources and meeting the needs of business institutions of all kinds, commercial, industrial and service, and controlling their operation, whether they are private or governmental

The program provides you with a complete and interrelated mechanism in all financial, administrative and specialized fields

It was developed using Oakl databases and a number of technologies that formed the flexibility of use and the absorption of what customers need

Link with the electronic invoice

Connect your organization to e-invoice sooner rather than later with ONYX Pro ERP program, you can link your organization to the electronic invoice because it has been developed to comply with the requirements of the tax authority for the electronic invoice system with multiple advantages, the most important of which are

- Alert the unreported invoices to the tax authority daily or during any period.
- Configure items with global codes and link them to your own product codes.
- In case that the invoice is rejected by the tax authority, ONYX will explain the errors in the invoice in an easy and simple way.
Synchronization with the tax portal, automatically or manually.
Clarify the status of all invoices (accepted, rejected, and failed to be sent).

Onyx Pro ERP Systems

A group of resource management and planning solutions in various fields and specializations of professional business


Suppliers and Procurement System

Suppliers and Procurement System: A system in which suppliers are identified, everything related to them is tracked, their levels are analyzed, their receivables reports, and the procurement process in all its stages is managed.


Warehouse management system

Stores management system: The warehouse management is responsible for identifying the warehouse items and groups. The documentary cycle of the inventory system and its detailed reports provide high efficiency in investing and managing inventory and protection from expected risks.


General accounts

General Ledger System: It is the heart of financial accounting that manages cash and accounting entries and issues final reports and financial position reports.


Human resources

Human Resources Management System: The foundations of any project are money, ideas and the human being. The saver of money and ideas and the operator of the project is the human being, and taking care of him in the facility achieves control of the course of action planning and builds the efficiency of workers and the success of the facility. Human resources management system to handle employee services and follow up their performance such as recruitment, training, evaluation and their various affairs


Point of sales system

Point of sale system: It works in various retail stores using barcodes, issues an invoice to shop customers with information on their purchase items, monitors the movement of points of sale during direct sales operations, and issues reports with total and detailed sales of points and returns according to shift or cashier.


Sales and Customer Management System

Sales and Customer Management System: to manage everything related to sales operations, identify and classify customers, manage their data, track sales and collection processes with quick and detailed reports, and analyze their debts.


Fixed assets

Fixed assets system: a system concerned with managing the assets of the facility from proof, depreciation and other movements such as transfers and additions, until the end of the asset by disposing of it or excluding it from the records.



Distribution management system: used to implement promotion, sale and collection plans, document and analyze information provided by market representatives and competitors, its functions are integrated with a mobile distribution application

cost & prod.jpeg

Production and Costs

Production resource planning system: It is a system for managing industrial companies for the production process cycle in its various stages, implementing quality procedures for raw materials and finished products in accordance with quality procedures approved in the facility, and controlling raw materials and all industrial processes until reaching the final product.

Onyx applications

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Onyx mobile application

Your company is in your hands. Follow all your business from anywhere and at any time

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